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THE SINDH BUILDING CONTROL ORDINANCE,1979 _______________________________________________________________________________________________


The Authority appointed under Section 4 of the Ordinance is to be notified, also specifying the area under its control. The Authority so appointed shall be called and addressed after the name of the area within its jurisdiction, and shall sue or be sued by that

Demolition Notice without order of the Director General K.D.A. • without lawful Authority;- Notice for demolition of building issued by Deputy Controller of buildings without report of duly constituted inspection committee and without orders of Director General, Karachi Development Authority. Notice declared to have been issued without lawful authority and of no legal effect.
(Furqan Ahmad V Deputy Controller of Buildings - 1984 CLC 2476)

The authority constituted under Section 4 of the Ordinance can rely on the opinion of the technical committee as well as on any other material, which it may have in its possession for forming an opinion that the building is dangerous.
(1986 CLC 581).




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